custom Solutions

We tailor our service to your event, budget, and requirements.

any event

Weddings, Birthday Parties, Awards Shows, Conferences, Corporate Presentations. We are able to tailor our provision to suit your needs.

full av support

Huge stock of Sound, Lighting, and Video kit in house

Private Events

We offer a bespoke service for or private family events. Please visit our portal at for further details

A few things to consider…

What even is a streaming event?  What do we do? What do you need to do?

What is a “Streaming Event”

“It’s going online” is a very common phrase right now, events that have previously been held around the country in various venues are having to find new routes to their audiences.

Streaming Events cover a wide variety of styles and required skills.  We can help make a corporate zoom meeting run more smoothly, take an awards show live onto Facebook, or build you a completely custom portal to act as the hub of your event.

Web hosting and design

For fully branded events we feel the nicest experience comes when you direct your visitors to a completely bespoke website, complete with information about the event, user registration (if needed), links to your pre-made media and of course the centerpiece of the live video stream. 

Pre Event Recording

Live Streaming doesn’t have to mean “live”! We can visit your presenters at home, or arrange a suitable studio space to pre-record segments for playback at suitable moments. This can help with the structure of an event, and takes the pressure out of the show.


Live streaming your event doesn’t have to be expensive. We have a huge range of options to consider with you, the next step is to get in touch!

Need lighting, sound, staging?
AV Matrix has everything you might need to stage your event

Custom Domain or branded?

Custom Domain
  • Fully customised website
  • Contact us for pricing
  • Includes one year of web hosting, domain registration, design and building
  • Only your branding and logos visible!
  • Additional functionality possible, host a forum, complex contact forms etc.
  • Secure – We can secure the event pages so that only your guests have access.

We can register a custom domain name for your event, or you can use one you already have access to.  The website will be built using your branding only! Custom features such as booking forms, media galleries etc can be added if required, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you. 

Optionally we can offer a continuing subscription to maintain the website, and re-branding work can be done to use it for future events, or even as your main website if you wanted!

Branded Event Portal
  • Template driven website
  • Contact us for pricing
  • Site made live as early as you wish, and closed post event.
  • Your branding takes center stage, links and basic information about in the website footer.
  • Basic functionality. Landing page with event information, Event page with live video stream and links to pre-recorded footage.
  • Secure – We can secure the event pages so that only your guests have access.
  • Choose your domain ending, pick from:, or!

This is a great option for one off events that do not require functionality beyond logging in and watching the live event stream.  

Want to see a demo? Get in touch and we can set something up for you.

We’d love to help with your event

If you would like a demo of our service don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’ll set something up for you and discuss options that suit you best. 

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Here’s what some of our clients think about us, what an awesome bunch!

AV Matrix are our number one choice for all production requirements.

Be it a large scale event with name attractions or a small scale local party Mark Parker and his team always deliver exactly what we require and are 100% professional.

Barry McManus


AV Matrix is a very professional, friendly team who can meet your every need. I have used AV Matrix for Charity fund raising balls, weddings and private parties…

Ian Dayfus

Fence Club

I have had the pleasure of working with the AV Matrix team on my large corporate events and smaller events since 2008. By the fact that they are still my first choice to support me with all things AV related for all my events

Helen Bradshaw

Metropolis Events

Our creatively led bespoke events, whether private or corporate, are created by hand picking the best team of suppliers for each individual client’s needs, and the team at AV Matrix never disappoint.

Catherine Murphy

The Angels Events